Gramercy District

Ashburn, Virginia
2,500,000 SQFT
22 Capital Partners

The Gramercy District project in Ashburn, Virginia, is an innovative and sustainable urban design. The development seamlessly blends commercial, residential, and recreational spaces to create a vibrant, modern community that meets the needs of its residents and visitors alike. The design prioritizes eco-friendly practices, incorporating green building materials, renewable energy sources, and efficient waste management systems.

With an emphasis on walkability and connectivity, the Gramercy District features pedestrian-friendly pathways, bike lanes, and public transportation options, encouraging a greener and healthier lifestyle. The architectural elements display a harmonious fusion of contemporary aesthetics and traditional touches, paying homage to the region’s heritage. Overall, the Gramercy District sets a new standard for future urban developments, providing a model of sustainable living and community engagement in Ashburn, Virginia.

alfa8 collaborated with Minh Le to envision, design, and develop 22 Capital Partners’ project, Gramercy District, in Loudoun County, Virginia. The project is one of the first Smart Districts in the Washington, D.C., metro region, featuring 2.5M SF of mixed-used TOD program at the Terminus of Silver Line Metro.

The project team included Iliad Terra and Richard Donnally as the lead designers, with Bowman Consulting, AECOM, DVA Architects, 22 Capital Partners, and other market leaders collaborating for the success of Gramercy District.