Washington, DC
100,000 SQFT

The Project is envisioned as the National Fire and First Responders Center (NFFRC), situated in the heart of Washington, DC, at the fire station on First Street NW.  The NFFRC building is comprised of approximately 100,000+ / SF on 11+ floors. The Program includes a fire Museum, as well as a roof terrace conference in an amenity space.  The improvements will rehabilitate the historic Fire Station currently on the site and will develop the addition around the existing building.
The concept for the project entails a modern and iconic/sculptural theme that activates the intersection and is in line with the monument. The Design concept features a cascade of stone “waterfall” over its glass façade, with a roof terrace overlooking the iconic Union Station. The historic firehose currently on the site is preserved and showcased as a working firehouse. The Main lobby features an antique firetruck as a showcased piece visible from the sidewalk.