Al Arabiya

Riyadh, Saudi Arabiya
250,000 SQFT

The Al Arabiya luxury resort in Riyadh boasts a captivating architectural design that harmoniously blends modern luxury with the timeless beauty of the desert and rich Arabian heritage. From its grand arches and domes adorned with intricate Arabic calligraphy to the central courtyard featuring a majestic falcon sculpture, the resort exudes sophistication and reverence for nature.

Its 300 opulent rooms offer breathtaking desert views, while the restaurants present a fusion of contemporary elegance and authentic Arabian flavors. Embracing sustainability, Al Arabiya combines eco-friendly practices with a celebration of the desert’s splendor, creating an enchanting and environmentally conscious oasis for guests to indulge in an unforgettable Arabian experience.

Sited in the Al Amaaria district, northwest of Riyadh, on approximately 30 acres within 800 acres of private land planned as a sustainable smart city. The location enjoys abundant natural resources, including access to wind corridors and aquifers that create a destination.

This iconic project is envisioned as a unique design that celebrates desert aesthetics in the architecture of the buildings and the design of the site and sunken gardens, as well as the décor and character of the bespoke rooms.