Forging the Way Forward

With Innovative Technology

We are deeply committed to sourcing, integrating and stewarding a leading-edge and scalable portfolio of technologies that enrich the human experience.

We collaborate closely with our partners to incubate and actuate innovations in the prop-tech, telemetric, and resilience space. 

With our network of researchers and labs in Israel, Silicon Valley, and Washington, DC, we are well positioned to dynamically deploy next-gen solutions for today’s markets.

Our Ecosystem

Agile Collaboration

X-Tensible Interface Design


Complex ecosystem prone to data resolution and translation challenges. The network is exposed to security breaches and data corruption. Loss of effective governance and standards creates tensions stove-piping and undue stress on the industry. Inoperability leads to barriers to adoption and steep learning curves that deter integrated and dynamic service delivery.


XI offers a simple interoperable platform and User Interface to deliver a fluid and dynamic, broad suite of tools that enhance performance and capture opportunities. Leveraging and stewarding AI is the inevitable next disruption in the design industry. With data-driven processes and AI-assist the XI platform offers an unprecedented, scalable, and dynamic environment for the future of the design industry.


Curated tools to disrupt and transform systems into dynamic, resilient, and responsive human-centric environments.


Integrated technology to enhance the design process using AI


IoT devices and automation technology for built environment


Digital solution for emerging world markets


Modular residential prototypes with advanced technology


Immersive and decentralized learning environment


Game based learning platform and VR/AR immersive 360 gaming