Rockville, Maryland

The visionary mixed-use TOD development by alfa8, situated adjacent to Rockville Town Center, is envisioned to redefine urban living and cultivate a thriving maker community. Spanning an impressive 1 million square feet, this project envisions a dynamic space that seamlessly integrates restaurants, office spaces, arts and craft studios, and shops, fostering a vibrant and creative ecosystem.
The development’s architecture showcases a seamless blend of contemporary design and timeless elements, creating an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for residents, visitors, and businesses alike. The buildings are designed with an emphasis on the local flavor of Maryland architecture rendered in modern aesthetics, sustainability, and energy efficiency, reflecting alfa8’s commitment to environmentally responsible development.
At the heart of the project lies a dedicated maker community, where artisans, craftsmen, and artists come together to collaborate, innovate, and showcase their talents. Arts and craft studios and shops offer a diverse range of locally made products, providing a platform for creativity and entrepreneurship.
The office spaces cater to modern businesses seeking a dynamic and collaborative environment. With cutting-edge technology and flexible layouts, these workspaces are designed to inspire productivity and innovation.
An array of diverse dining options awaits, offering culinary delights from around the world. The restaurants feature a mix of flavors and ambiance, creating a culinary journey for residents and visitors alike.
Beyond the vibrant commercial spaces, the development also includes public gathering areas, lush green spaces, and community event spaces, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie among its inhabitants. A focus on walkability and accessibility ensures that the Rockville community seamlessly integrates with the new development, encouraging residents to explore both areas with ease.
alfa8’s approach to urban development, coupled with the vision of its investment clients, promises to shape a transformative experience for Rockville Town Center and the surrounding community. As the project comes to life, it is destined to become a landmark destination, celebrated for its dynamic maker community, diverse offerings, and harmonious integration with the Rockville landscape.