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Mid-Atlantic United States
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Washington DC Metro Region
Central Africa
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Real Estate and Technology have come together to produce a new class of development opportunities that are disrupting markets.

Alfa8 has access to investment capital worldwide. Our intention for the upcoming years is to develop strong real estate opportunities for our capital partners and investors, specifically in the US Mid-Atlantic region. However, our scope of opportunities includes a broad international market.

We are focused on three key sectors for real estate investment and development, namely, smart city environments, mix-use housing, and boutique resorts. Alfa8 leadership has won recognition and has a deep bench of experience in these areas. Of course, we are intent on innovating and bringing unique projects into the market that set new horizons.


Real Estate
Renewable Energy
Smart Living
Technology Infrastructure
Smart Agriculture
Telemetrics in Health & Education
Cyber Security
Emergent Technologies

Five Point Strategy

We foster success through a rigorous series of steps that ensure we have reviewed and sourced clear data and grounded intelligence in generating evidence based pro formas for every project we undertake or bring to market:

• Initial Vision and Idea
• Evaluation and Feasibility
• Concept Development
• Capitalization
• Implementation

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