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We are an integrative design studio bringing decades of design leadership to you.

We blend visionary design with the latest technology to deliver you with innovative solutions. Additionally, we bring our network of resources and talent to create a one-of-a-kind design solution that fits your needs.


Our mission is to create iconic designs founded on timeless principles to better our world…

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Design has the power to…

  • Inspire and elevate
  • Transform our culture
  • Shape our understanding of ourselves…

Design should always be memorable, and beloved.

Thus, we aspire to create elegant and impactful design that excite your senses.

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Dean Ventola

Principal, a8a

Dean is an award winning architect and Principal at alfa8-architecture, with decades of successful practice in Maryland and throughout the East Coast.

Peter Samton

Senior Advisor

Peter is a renowned architect with an exemplary legacy of practice in New York and brings a deep bench of experience to the team.

Lloyd Bernstein

Director of Cost Assessment

Lloyd brings more than 45 years of construction and costs analytic experience to our team, assisting in our predevelopment and pre-construction strategy.

Richard Donnally

Architect, a8a

Richard brings over 41 years of experience in planning, architectural design, and construction techniques under his direct stewardship and active leadership.




alfa8 architecture is engaged on an ongoing collaboration with Minh Le to develop and promote the 22 City Link project, Gramercy District, in Loudoun County, VA, as one of the first Smart Districts and innovation hubs in the Washington, D.C., and Eastern Seaboard market.

This compelling project pushes the boundaries of urban design and placemaking to go further to explore and define new frontiers in financing and technology integration as lifestyle smart environment for the today and tomorrow.

Please contact us for further information and should you be interested in investment opportunities in this project.

Al Arabiya Resort (above) is the first phase of a larger development project northwest of Riyadh, Saudi Arabiya.  The project is sited on 30 acres of land and is designed to activate a larger, 800-acre real estate development.

Dragonfly (below to the left), is located at the intersection of real estate development and nextgen education, a partnership between universities, program, and content developers, technology vendors, and real estate developers.

Armada Towers is a signature project for the Armada Group portfolio of assets. Located along the Jumeirah Lakes enclave of Dubai, this development was ground-breaking at the time it was completed. The development consists of 2,400 square meters of mixed-use residential space located on 39 floors reaching a height of 167 meters. alfa8 acted as an investment resource and program management for the project, ensuring quality and safeguarding our investors’ interest throughout project execution.

alfa8 developed a comprehensive master plan, and designed anchor projects for Khraish Khraish in West Dallas to assist the development team in securing nearly one square mile of real estate west of Trinity River.

The visioning campaign helped change the narrative for West Dallas, and created a strong platform for aligned city officials in support of the project.

The Five Point plan envisioned by Khraish revitalizes West Dallas, safeguards the right of local residents, and fosters investment and economic growth for the OWD community.

Modular residence unit, utilizing prefabricated interlocking components for scaled and adaptable requirements.

The system affords clients a range of options tailored to budget and context and can be phased for expansion.

We utilized 3D printing and rapid prototyping tools to design and develop concepts that current manufacturing capabilities while innovating in the construction space.

alfa8 is actively working with our manufacturing and public sector partners to advance market penetration of modular and manufactured buildings.

AON at Rockville is a mixed-use development and assembly initiative by alfa8’s capital partners to develop an industrial zone along the red metro line east of Rockville Town Center. The proximity fo the site to the RTC Metro Station makes the site a highly sought-after TOD location, and ideal for real estate positioning.  

As part of the components we envisioned to make the site a destination, we propose an anchor Dragonfly center as an AR Higher Ed facility bringing a mix of regional and international institutions to the Rockville. 

Another feature for the development was our introduction of the Maker Row, with wide sidewalks to promote pop-up trade that builds on the industrious history of the site, and creates a vibrate destination