Now more than ever, as our world experiences profound disruptions and is in the process of reinventing itself, we are excited to dive deeper into the art of possible create new avenues for expression, and integration of holistic.

alfa8 Newsbrief

alfa8 is advantaged to explore and deliver asymmetric project solutions.  We achieve this by integrating three core components of project delivery:

•  Advanced Design Thinking Invested 

•  Capital Resources 

•  Integrated and Interoperable Technology Platforms

This unique approach and our commitment to resilience and dynamic design thinking afford us the ability to bring to our clients and partners highly competitive resources that are ideal as we face the current host of challenges. 

Ultimately, we are your strategic partners, bringing you broad vision, informed strategy, and precision tactics, all designed to deliver you resounding success.

alfa8 is pleased to announce the expansion of our architectural services by onboarding of Mr. Dean Ventola as a principal of architecture.  Dean brings to our team decades of experience and commitment as an architect for the firm.

Likewise, we are pleased to bring Mr. Peter Samton on board as our Senior Advisor for Architectural Vision.  Peter brings decades of exemplary leadership as an iconic architect in NYC. Peter will be collaborating with Mr. Iliad Terra, our CEO and Managing Principal, to set course on a bold visionary direction and to explore new frontiers in design and legacy for the NYC and DMV markets.

Please contact us to find out how we may assist with your projects and vision

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