“Our world is resonance made visible.  To design the next Elysium, we must draw with resonant ink.”




There are infinite possibilities in the universe we inhabit, and all radii emanate from the zero degree at the center of the circle of potential, the source resonant frequency with which fundamental geometries and all fractal complexities are formed.  







alfa to infinity (alfa8) is focused on an integration philosophy utilizing traditional and deep arcana as well as leading-edge technology and innovation to develop solutions for modern challenges and engender asymmetric paradigm shifts and resonance. 






Resonant realignment and source design is essential to shift the narrative, and bring forth urgently needed transformation for individuals, communities, and ultimately our species.







Resonant realignment and source design is essential to shift the narrative, and bring forth urgently needed transformation for individuals, communities, and ultimately our species.







  • Design of resonant environments and spaces

  • Realignment of enterprise units along resonant principles

  • Development and commercialization of resonant technology

  • Research and Scholarship

  • Cultural engagement and transformation

  • Resonant Visual and Sound Design

  • Smart Architecture and AI Cities

  • Stabilization of crises zones





Integrative design brings a holistic approach to the creative process whereby the act of designing is indeed a signature or sign beholding the creator to the created in bond.

alfa8’s founding vision underscores the ethical responsibly of the designer and developer in creating sustainable communities that have far-reaching impact beyond aesthetics and financial ROI, and develop social capital and human capacity.


Fundamental natural principles and geometries form the substrate of every aspect of our world, from design for human habitat to patterns of our towns and cities. The same principles inform the structure of our governments and the justice of our laws.

It is therefore incumbent that a just and verdant design that charts the course of alfa8 projects be founded on principles scripted in our very nature and championed by our highest faculties and faith.


alfa8 projects have a core purpose, to empower our clients, partners, and the individual members of the communities we interact with along a horizontal and bottom-up matrix. Empowered teams and individuals form empowered communities, which in turn produce stabilized and prosperous enterprise and nations.

In order to truly generate sustainable models for today’s world, we must develop modalities that address equity of resources and question extant paradigms of ownership.


The Second Enlightenment and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and it’s time to ask bold questions for visionary solutions, unchecked by limiting paradigms that no longer address modern concerns and future possibilities.

alfa8 brings an integrated development approach to market that creates a dialogue between urban and rural communities, between old and new, between risk and its mitigation, blending advanced technology with deep historic natural context.

Timestory or the Long Now story that acts as the substrate of alfa8 strategy is sourced from mytho-allegorical narratives, balanced with rapidly shifting and advancing technology in full spectrum approach to find a creative synthesis between pioneering ecosystems and contemporary needs for our world

Time Story

Our World is faced with numerous challenges, but a historical review of global trends reveals positive developments and success stories that should be noted while we endeavor to develop communities for the next generations, and together welcome the Age of the 2nd Enlightenment. 

alfa8 examines the long story of human achievement and failure and envisions the next chapter in our journey. We draw on geometry found in nature to inform design and structure of projects we develop.  Forms found in nature derive from timeless balance and harmony that permeates every aspect of our environment, from the movement of galaxies, to clouds flowing over oceans, and to our very DNA code. 

The elegance and mystery of the quantum universe is revealed to us through the physical manifestation and governing principles of our world.  Cities and communities planned and based on principles of founding geometries likewise will exhibit balance and harmony as the essence of sustainable design.








Technology and modern thought has developed solutions that mitigate the legacy of inequity that has benefited few while burdened many. alfa8 Projects explore ways in which prosperity is achieved dynamically as the platform for NextGen communities.

Bottom Up

We believe a bottom up approach to design, where individuals are empowered and invested in their communities, naturally engenders sustainable results that create a better today and an extraordinary tomorrow.



alfa8 partners with private and public leaders, communities, and governments to develop options that look beyond traditional paradigms that have reached their limits, as evidenced by the fractures of war and inequality rampant across the surface of our planet. We envision shifting the old paradigm with alfa8 across the world.


Human understanding of, and therefore relationship with Energy has evolved throughout the ages. We are on the cusp of new modalities and discoveries of unprecedented resources of Energy that will dramatically transform our footprint on this planet. alfa8 explores ethical applications of technology to cultivate new Energy paradigms.


Sustainable design must embrace the fabric of human communities as an integral part of the solution. A holistic approach to developing modern communities is a core mission of the alfa8 Projects.


The natural value of the individual runs as a fundamental unit in the currency of nations. Therefore, at the epicenter of sustainable design is the empowered individual and their community. alfa8 Projects develop economically viable design solutions without compromising vision.


Foundational Geometric forms that govern alfa8’s vision, leadership, and innovation campaigns.