We create dynamic solutions for rapidly evolving environments with strategies that are derived from visionary concepts delivering integrated tactical results

alfa8 delivers innovative projects by integrating four components for holistic solutions:


Integrated Solutions

alfa8 delivers innovative projects by integrating four components for holistic solutions:



We achieve project delivery through integrated processes that address complex market demands.  alfa8 is uniquely positioned through its network of influencers, technologies, and design thinkers to deliver holistic and asymmetric results for dynamic market demands.


alfa8 brings a strong blend of program and project management team, innovators, subject matter experts, and thought leaders that hold an unwavering commitment to excellence and accountable leadership.


alfa8 sources and develops investment and capacity-building opportunities in global markets, and integrates technology and expertise to position the project for strong investment performance and implementation.


Vision / Strategy / Tactics, the simple and elegant formula for success.  alfa8 strategies are derived from and grounded in visionary concepts that are based on core narrative and real-time intelligence sources from deep listening to our markets, and our mission principles. We believe that this is the only method to deliver integrated tactical results and solutions that are sustainable and success-oriented.


alfa8 leverages its capital positioning and investment sourcing through creative matrices of public and private ventures.  With access to institutional funds, private equity, as well as venture capital directed to innovative solutions and exploratory markets, we can move with agility through the process of inception to project realization, which presents alfa8 as a compelling partner to multi-national partners for leading edge and pioneering market opportunities.


Innovation is fundamental to the success of our enterprise.  We define innovation as creating solutions that enhance the quality of life for the Human Element, based on natural principles that guide and ultimately define Flow.  alfa8’s team in Cupertino, along with our developers and programmers in India, through our AXA division, provide a strong base for white-boarding new platforms and patents.

Innovation is broader than new technology and new ideas alone…  We recognize the inherent wisdom of the ages in the midst of the AGE of Smart, and source creative enterprise from the font of faith.




We bring Visionary Concepts and Design Thinking that are rooted in deep legacy yet unbound by imagination.


We deliver existing and new technology portfolios that enhance project performance and create new possibilities for innovation.


We offer unique off-market investment opportunities in technology and real estate assets in sought-after markets.

A&E Design


  • Program Management

  • Equipment Procurement

  • Material and Supply Sourcing

  • Construction Legal Services

  • Construction Services

  • Full Scope A&E Services

  • Sustainable Design Solutions

  • Design Services

  • Project Management

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Contract Management


  • Concept Development

  • Whiteboard Solutions

  • Technology Venture Capital

  • Custom Platform Development

  • Technology Sourcing

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Technology Integration

  • Implementation

  • Tech Market Mevelopment

  • Commercialazation



  • Client Representation

  • Finance Structures

  • Governmental Liaising

  • Project Development

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Investor Network

  • Strategic P3 Partnerships

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Asset Positioning

  • Executive Summaries

  • Pro Forma