alfa8AON is an independent division of alfa8, leading and pioneering development initiatives and capacity-building throughout Africa.


With established branch offices currently in Kampala, Kinshasa, and Kigali, as well upcoming branches in Cameroon, Benin, and other Central African States, alfa8AON is uniquely well-positioned with top-level management and filed specialists, decision-makers and critical path influencers, who enable our team to achieve mission success.


Of special note is alfa8AON’s close relationships with State and Sovereign leadership in Uganda, DRC, Cameroon, and Nigeria.  This affords our alfa8AON and our partner companies unparalleled collaborative opportunities with leadership in compelling and emerging markets of Africa.

Haawah Haza Vela
Uganda Director 

Templar Sukusu

Princess Lyla Madrigal
alfa8AON Vice President

Tshibangu Bwami Rolly
DRC Project Manager


8735 Av Colonel
Ebeya Commune de la Gombe
a Kinshasa

Janvier kabwasa
alfa8AON Project Manager

Marcel – Gankouene
Congo Project Manager



We empower communities by promoting economic self-sufficiency and financial stability through partnering with local businesses, investing in human capital, and providing job security for the local populations and educating local enterprise in best practices and sustainable skills.



We transform the paradigm of agriculture practice by bringing in smart technology to work in synergy with indigenous environments to increase productivity, reach development goals, enhance resilience, reduce mitigation when possible, all the while increasing food security for the Country.



We design, develop and build world-class affordable, sustainable, and durable commercial and residential real estate that is mindful and respectful of local history, culture, nature, ecological system, policies and social identity.


Smart real estate development providing advanced automation technology is an integral part of modern private and public infrastructure.  We are uniquely positioned to deploy this capability in Africa through our strategic partnerships with global technology leaders.



Development of efficient and reliable transportation sector is critical to stimulating a broad-based economic growth, reducing the effects of poverty, and providing basic connectivity between distinct parts of the Country.

By investing in road infrastructure, we will enable a diverse range of sectors of the economy to thrive; including increasing agricultural output, improving internal and external trade competitiveness, supporting the mining sector growth, and addressing the socio-economic challenges that affect isolated communities.



Investing and enhancing the quality and choices of public transportation systems that are accessible and on track for a sustainable growth path to achieve local priorities while reducing air pollution, congestion, and lower expenditures for road infrastructures.