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alfa8 Brief 

Developing Visionary Projects for The Human Element

alfa8 is an international Integration, Architecture, Design, Real Estate Development, and Management Company headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices across the U.S., MENA and CAS Regions, Central Africa, and Afghanistan.

We are active in diverse market sectors, focused on full-scope project delivery, market intelligence, innovation and concept development, technology integration, as well as investment resources for our clients and markets.  

We bring to our projects a strong network of experts, investors and technologies for successful and effective project inception and final delivery. 

Core Strengths

Integrated Solutions

Whether we consider buildings, cities or infrastructure, design require integrated solutions that take a holistic approach while dissolving boundaries. Our core expertise along with our robust international partnerships enable us to deliver compelling integrated solutions for our clients.

• Project Development

We develop project development opportunities in the US and international markets through our broad network and diverse experience. We ensure successful results through a clear vision that guides our strategy and by leveraging our leadership and core processes.  Delivery and execution of complex projects demand a sophisticated management team and advanced leading-edge management strategies.  alfa8’s team brings a strong and experienced leadership, as well as, SME capability to all the projects we create and deliver.

• Smart Technology 

We identify, invest, and source premium innovative technology from Smart Labs and our global partners that bring to the market a comprehensive technology portfolio demanded by today’s growing markets.  We bring leading edge AI and smart technology to an array of integrated initiatives.

• Investment Sourcing

We identify, qualify, and package unique investment opportunities for our network of international investors.  This includes real estate investment, technology portfolios, and educational programs.

• Feasibility and Due Diligence

Complex projects need rigorous analysis and study to be investment-grade, and able to attract financial, public, and political support.  We transform deep data dive and multi-faceted analytics into concrete and actionable project directions and deliverables.  We cultivate intelligence that yields positive results.  We are our Clients’ partner as we deliver project-specific investments opportunities and assets




Iliad Terra

Iliad A. Terra

CEO, Managing Partner, alfa8
As the founding partner of alfa8, Mr. Terra leads the Firm to develop opportunities in global markets, focused on integrated and innovative solutions that build capacity and empower communities. He brings a diverse background to the firm through his experience as an architect and design thinker, and thought leader, through his global network. More

Richard Donnally

Christy Sarobon

Business Development, alfa8

Michael Krause, Ph.D

Co-Founding Member, alfa8 
Michael D. Krause, Ph.D., is a security specialist, leader, logistician, and former soldier. He is a founding partner of alfa8. His background spans military service in two wars, on four continents, participating in five contingency operations. Dr. Krause serves as founder and President of KRI; and Chairman of SecureChain

Richard Donnally

Chris Zelov

Futurist and Advisor, alfa8

Dash Bahman

Vice President of CGR
Dash is a competitive, innovative, and proactive sales executive and business leader, with track record of success in escalating sales, inspiring optimal performance from sales team, developing and cultivating strong interpersonal relationships, and establishing focused corporate programs that exceed objectives.

Linton Wells

Managing Partner of Wells Analytics

Richard Donnally

Richard Donnally, AIA

Strategic Team Member
Mr. Donnally is the Senior Principal of Donnally Vujcic Associates in Maryland, responsible for directing design and administration of the firm. He brings over 35 years of experience in architectural design, and construction techniques to his direct supervision and involvement in every stage of project development.

Eugene Sullivan

Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP

The Human Element

In everything we do, in everything we create, it must be so that the human element is central, not because humans are inherently good, nor that they are the opposite, but indeed because both light and dark are contained in the human element in equal measure, and this is the very reflection of the known and the unknown.


As such our enterprise and craft must forge a path that both empowers and safeguards humans and their very angels and demons in the balance of light and shadow that defines our world.  This is especially relevant now as we face the prospect of Artificial Intelligence.