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Solutions That Empower You and Strengthen Your Communities


In a complex and fast-moving world, successful project delivery requires holistic and integrated solutions.  Are your projects future-proofed?


We connect capital to opportunity.  Balancing vision, leadership, and resources, we build the right capital stack to help you grow.


We listen to your needs and connect you with diverse opportunities through our network, supported by our leadership to guide you through the challenges in today’s markets.



Technology is changing at an increasing speed, exposing you to obsolescence and threat.  We bring you leading-edge, inter-operable solutions from our innovation partners throughout the world.  Let us keep your projects agile and safeguard your investments.






Quantum Design


Who we are

We are a team of advanced design thinkers, savvy investors, and technology pioneers working together to help you create a better today for your tomorrow.

What we do

We develop market intelligence, source leading-edge technology, create visionary concepts, and build investment platforms to help you achieve your goals. 

Where we work

We are based in Washington, D.C., and bring a broad network of strategic relationships to you.  We have offices in Tel. Aviv, Miami, San Francisco, Kinshasa, Kiev, Kabut, Toronto, Accra, and more.  We are where you are.


Iliad Terra

Iliad A. Terra

CEO, Managing Partner, alfa8
As the founding partner of alfa8, Mr. Terra leads the Firm to develop opportunities in global markets, focused on integrated and innovative solutions that build capacity and empower communities. He brings a diverse background to the firm through his experience as an architect and design thinker, and thought leader, through his global network. More

Richard Donnally

Myra Chung
Director of Research, alfa8

Michael Krause, Ph.D

Board Member, alfa8 
Michael D. Krause, Ph.D., is a security specialist, leader, logistician, and former soldier. He is a founding partner of alfa8. His background spans military service in two wars, on four continents, participating in five contingency operations. Dr. Krause serves as founder and President of KRI; and Chairman of SecureChain

Richard Donnally

Chris Zelov

Futurist and Advisor, alfa8

Dash Bahman

Vice President of CGR
Dash is a competitive, innovative, and proactive sales executive and business leader, with track record of success in escalating sales, inspiring optimal performance from sales team, developing and cultivating strong interpersonal relationships, and establishing focused corporate programs that exceed objectives.

Linton Wells

Managing Partner of Wells Analytics

Richard Donnally

Charles Ganz

CEO and Founder, CICL
Charles Ganz is founded CICL in 2009 to accelerate the commercialization of innovation. Charles has visited over 1000 innovative companies in Israel since 2005 and he is well connected to more than 100 Fortune 500 companies and many corporate VC’s. He’s studied comparative competitive advantage.

Eugene Sullivan

Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP




In everything we do, in everything we create, we think of you, as the most important element in the Universe, the Human Element.

As we embrace technology and innovation for a SMART future, it has never been more important to safeguard your values, especially in the Age of AI.

Use the right blend of best-of-class technologies and integrated design to realize your optimum future-proofed goals.